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We spent quite a lot of time in search of the new office space. There were a number of criteria. At one point, we couldn’t go on anymore, and there was a feeling of the complete despair. They were important: location (a central city area); parking facilities; representativeness not only of our individual office, but also of the building in which it is located; 24-hour access; good infrastructure; open relationship with a landlord.
We’ve been in the Business Center ERA for a year, and we have never looked back. “+” on all points.


Pan Propan LLC

Convenient office space, 24-hour access to the building, cleanliness, and business approach is what our company recommends ERA BC.
Respectfully, Pan Propan LLC


JV Poltava Petroleum Company

JV Poltava Petroleum Company has rented an office in Business Center ERA for more than a year. All our technical issues of office organization are comfortably solved with the administration of the center. It is good to see the high level of infrastructure organization that is necessary for the efficient operation of the office. Many services can be found only here.
We are grateful for comfort, stability, and instant communication on all issues.


Simply Contact

We have been working with ERA BC for over three years. During this period, there was no misunderstanding with the servicing of our leased offices. The administration easily compromises, creating the most comfortable working conditions. Convenient geolocation, price policy is available considering the location.
There is constant improvement and development of the premises infrastructure and the building as a whole.


International Drilling Company Hilong is grateful for the opportunity to cooperate with ERA BC.
The management of ERA BC made advances to relocation of our company, as well as actively helped us in resolving all questions related to the moving. All the faults and disrepairs in the rented premises were solved immediately.
We thank the management and employees of ERA BC for cooperation.


Our history of relations with ERA BC is over 7 years old. I can say that during this period I haven’t had any complaints to our cooperation. Leadership and management are investing heavily in improving conditions, helping with repairs, and listening to tenant’s initiatives. The building is changed every year. I’m quite pleased with our cooperation.


When we first came to the Business Center ERA with a rental question, we immediately felt willingness to resolving the issue! The administration is always ready to choose comfortable offices.
It is very pleasant that managers always think about improving conditions of stay and rent. It’s made a beautiful renovation! It’s always clean!
The highlight of the Business Center ERA is that you can order additional services: water, office cleaning, and others. They react quickly enough to the problems that arise: bad light or a lamp burnt, fix the electricity. Also, we can hope for office repair.
The location of the office is very convenient for our customers - the city centre, easy to get.
Thank you for a pleasant stay and mutual understanding of Business Center ERA management.


We have been cooperating with ERA BC for many years. It’s nice to work with real professionals. It is rarely when you can find such a sensitive approach to your clients. It’s a pleasure to have feedback at any time of the day. Furthermore, the Business Center has a full-time staff all of each are responsible for their own business. 



Jack bar, Shalyapin

During six years of cooperation with ERA BC, the management and staff have established themselves as a team of high-level professionals who are honest and reliable. Thank you for your professionalism, moral and human qualities, and advice. We expect to continue developing the mutual cooperation and also our great partnership and friendship. We recommend our partners ERA BC. We wish you a successful development, economic stability, and self-confidence. Respectfully, restaurant, karaoke-bar Shalyapin