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How to choose an office in Poltava – key points

Finding a dream office can be difficult. It is important to pay attention at least to standard characteristics so that the building meets your requirements. For example:


Choose an office close to traffic interchange and public transport stops so it can be easily reached from any place in the city. It is also important that the location covers lively streets with a wide range of cafés and restaurants. This will make it easier for staff to have a meal at lunchtime or after work.


Security, fire extinguishing, ventilation, air conditioning, and heating systems are essential in choosing the office. Make sure they’re working properly. In addition, take into account video surveillance, 24-hour security, and free access to the office.


A pleasant renovation, necessary space, and logical layout will make the stay in the building comfortable. Check the office communications.


The exterior of the building, parking, and keeping the office clean will help to avoid embarrassment during business meetings with partners.

It is important to define the amount for the long-term lease of an office. Knowing the budget, looking for an office will be easier rather than choosing from thousands of unsuitable options. Our administrators can familiarize you with the standard characteristics of ERA. With our help, the dream of renting an office in the center of Poltava in a short period of time will become a reality.



Advantages of renting an office without repair

In the Business Center ERA, there is an office rental with basic repair or without it at all. This service helps companies to design their own office space. Whether it is loft, high-tech, minimalist, or techno-art.

It is possible to rent several floors, offices with terrace and panoramic windows. Undecorated office rent is cheaper rather than a similar room with it. Lease conditions are loyal to large companies and subsidiaries. As we support the desire for a single corporate style.